JAVAN (PT. Javan Cipta Solusi) was founded by a group of young information technology enthusiast who have a common dream to create IT solutions for humankind. Right now Javan focus on delivering IT solutions to businesses and government organizations. We help them to develop their competitive advantages which contribute direct impact to working efficiency, sales growth, profit, and realization of good governance. Our team consist of talented people in IT engineering who graduated from precious university in Indonesia and experienced in doing many software development project for local and multinational companies.


Work-life should be balanced. Our Company will be an ideal workplace to express passions, to fulfill needs, to build happy family, to educate future generations, to enjoy life and to contribute to society


To be a well-known creative, innovative, and credible technology company in SEA by 2020

To deliver high quality and profitable problem solving solution to our delighted customers


1. Find Problem

We believe that every problem has solution, once problem was solved, improvement was the result. We commited to find the root couse of problems, not the symptomps

2. Create Solution

We believe that technology can provide solution for most of problems. We are committed to solve face and solve problem. We won't stop until problem was solved

3. Delight Customer

We believe that delight customer is the key of our success. We are committed to ensure our solution is solving customer's problems

We believe that every problem has solution. We committed to find the root cause of your problems, not the symptoms